venture capital

is a local business.

We lead investments in exceptional founders primarily in Atlanta and the Southeast.

Chia seed or avocado seed?

We don't care what you call it.

We partner with founders throughout their seed stage and lead investments ranging from $250K to $1.5 million.

How we invest

We lead

We built Overline to be an alternative for founders in our region who would otherwise piece together angel checks or work to find an institutional partner on the coasts. We lead seed rounds, we set terms, and we aim to speak for the entirety of a financing round.

We lean in

Capital is only a small part of how Overline supports its founders. We are hands-on investors, and we are actively engaged in helping our portfolio companies create value through introductions to our network of customers, partners, investors, and top talent.

We accelerate success

Overline has a world-class Operating Partner network, comprised of the region’s leading domain experts. They help our portfolio companies create an unfair advantage, through strategic and operational insights in key areas like product, technology, and go-to-market.

We've been in your shoes.

Michael and Sean are successful founders, operators and community builders. We’ve developed strategy, built products, led teams, and created value for our colleagues, partners and investors.

Overline is a venture platform that supports founders with more than just capital. Our goal is to foster and grow a vibrant, inclusive community that becomes a launchpad for the next generation of local entrepreneurs.

Our portfolio

PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time. They use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need.

Relay Payments is a contactless payment network purpose-built for the logistics and trucking industry, providing owners/operators, carriers and brokers an alternative to cash payments and archaic fleet checks.

Grubbly Farms is a consumer packaged goods company that offers nutrient-rich, farm-grown black solider fly grubs to owners of backyard chicken flocks.

Social Auto Transport is a gig economy platform for moving cars short distances for automotive and logistics companies. The company offers turnkey concierge pickup and delivery services to dealerships and their service arms.

Press Sports is a sports social media app that is transforming the way fans, athletes, coaches, and teams build their brands and engage with sports highlights.

Kayhan Space provides Space Situational Awareness tools to automate the process for assessing potential satellite collisions and suggesting maneuvers to avoid them.

Slip Robotics is a stealth mode startup using robotic solutions

to improve operating efficiency in warehousing and logistics.

UptimeHealth automates healthcare compliance task management for healthcare facilities everywhere, allowing practice leaders to spend more time with patients and less time managing regulatory compliance tasks.

Spaceship helps developers launch code with just one click, supporting advanced Continuous Delivery so that your applications get up and running with zero hassle.

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