Here to seed

the Southeast

We lead investments in exceptional founders building in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast.

How we invest

We invest early—from the concept stage, through initial traction and company-building. We are business model and industry-agnostic, and we lead pre-seed and seed rounds with investments ranging from $250,000 to $1.5 million.

Our lens

Overline invests in startups building in the Southeast.

We take a generalist approach and invest in a wide range of sectors and business models.

We look for founders who have big visions, a bias towards action, and an ability to focus and execute.

We invest in businesses that have high customer value, unique differentiation, and competitive moats that increase with scale.

Our process

We are deep work, high conviction investors.

While market and traction are important to us, we focus on people first. We like to meet founding teams early and establish relationships in advance of a fundraising event, if possible.

We leverage our broad Operating Partner network for their deep industry and functional expertise, and to gain insight into emerging trends, new technologies, and changing buyer behaviors.

Our difference

We are long-term partners to our portfolio companies, and capital is only part of our commitment. When we invest, we're all in.

Our active personal engagement extends to our community of partners, advisors, founders, and investors—the Overline Platform.

Together, we support our founding teams with strategic and operational insight, advice, and introductions, with the goal of helping them create an unfair advantage in the market.

Our portfolio

Portfolio news

Our ethos

The people behind Overline are proven founders, operators, and community builders. We’ve stood where you stand, and we love what we do. Like you, we are on a journey of continuous learning and development. We value authentic relationships, transparency, direct communication, empathy, equality, and personal respect.

We believe that the greatest founders know their companies and customers best; while there isn’t a set formula for startup success, culture will always be paramount; kind people can win big, and; it is, indeed, possible to build unicorns right here in the Southeast.

Our team

Sean O'Brien

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Sean O'Brien on LinkedIn

Michael Cohn

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Michael Cohn on LinkedIn
Michael Cohn on Twitter

Haley "Zap" Zapolski

Venture Scout

Michael Davis on LinkedIn

Michael Davis

Venture Partner

Brad Holliday on LinkedIn

Brad Holliday

Venture Partner

Brad Holliday on LinkedIn

Sean O'Brien

Co-founder and Managing Partner

Sean O'Brien on LinkedIn
Sean O'Brien on Twitter

Sara Saxner-Coughlin

Head of Platform

Sara Saxner-Coughlin on LinkedIn
Sara Saxner-Coughlin on Twitter

Our platform

Overline has a deeply engaged community of professionals who are committed to supporting our companies. From experienced entrepreneurs and people pros, to go-to-market experts and globally recognized technologists, our Operating Partners are a key part of the Overline difference and value-add. Below are just a few of these amazing people.

collage of platform peeps

Share your pitch

A warm introduction goes a long way, but you can share your pitch using the short form linked below. We commit to reviewing and responding to every pitch submitted from a founding team in the Southeast.